ISBN-13 Barcode FAQ

Answers to your ISBN-13 barcode questions. For help using our software visit the technical support page.

ISBN barcode FAQ



How do I make an ISBN-13 barcode?

ISBN-13 barcodes can't be made 'by hand': you'll need barcode software, or ISBN barcode functionality in a larger program, to create one. Our UPCTools software lets you make ISBN barcodes in two ways: one at a time using the UPCTools barcode wizard, or in batches of tens, hundreds or thousands by calling the software within your database, spreadsheet, or other application.

ISBN 13 barcode made with UPCTools

Either method lets you create high-quality ISBN-13 symbols without having to worry about the start and stop bars or the character set. We do it all for you.

How do I calculate an ISBN-13 check digit?

Like the UPC check digit, the ISBN-13 check digit involves an unusual algorithm called a 'modulo 10'. The easiest way to figure out an ISBN check digit is to let software do it for you, though it is possible to work it through on paper.

ISBN barcode

Want to give it a try on your own? Grab a calculator! Our example barcode data is 978123456789.

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